Thursday, July 29, 2010

Been Gone a While

Life has been incredibly stressful lately. And when I get stressed, I shut down and ignore my blog. I've been dealing with some mild health issues and trying to stay afloat of our daily life. Hopefully as things start to get better (or worse, I don't know), I'll be able to post more.

Since my last post, we've:
1. Bought new windows because every window in the house was a single pane, 1960s window. Two of the windows even boasted broken glass. It needed to be done, but 20 windows was pretty expensive. I'm looking forward to being able to clean the glass and water my flower boxes without taking my life into my own hands. Unfortunately, the install will be in September, but it's worth the savings!

2. The kids and husband spent a few days in North Carolina. Trust me, it was a vacation for me too!

3. We had a beach day with my mom, sister and niece and have a wonderful time!

4. My daughter turned 4 years old! Holy cow! We bought her a bike, and celebrated by going to the beach and baking her a strawberry pink cake. My daughter hates birthdays and cried every single time someone wished her happy birthday. She hates the birthday song and is terrified that someone will sing it!

5. I rearranged the house yet again. I moved the dinning room into the living room and the living room into the family room. The guys measuring our windows are confused as hell. I wonder if I should mention I plan on playing musical bedrooms in the next month...

I'm really looking forward to my son's birthday coming up in two weeks. I plan to make him a chocolate sheet cake with his favorite toy on top. As for gifts, he's getting a zoo-zoo pet, a desk lamp and we're moving his room and redecorating it. That's what he wants! I can't wait!