Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

But PLEASE come back another day! 'Cause rain is certainly welcome for the gardens that i have yet to replant!

Two months ago, the husband and I agreed to replace the back exterior door (located in our bedroom) and and install a storm door on the front door. Our contractor has been trying to schedule the install for 2 weeks now, but rain delayed it. We are really looking forward to the new exterior back door. The original door is splintered and doesn't close correctly. We've been living with this monstronsity for, oh six years now. The storm door was shattered in a wind storm during the winter months. We have no insulation with the door, so all the warm air is going out the door. It's been a cold month!

Let's hope for a sunny day this week. Hey, plants need sunlight too!

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