Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Doors!

After scrimping and saving for the last 6 YEARS, we have finally replaced another exterior door. If we're keeping count (and we are), that's two doors down (replaced), only 1 more to go.

This picture makes me cringe. It was taken when we bought the house in 2005. Yup, it was a lovely peachy-pink house with an addition wrapped in white siding. I still cannot believe we bought this house.

The wooden door was old, probably original to whenever the past owners (there has only been one other owner of our home, the builder himself) added this addition to our house (maybe late 70s?). The exterior door was cracked, splintered, peeling and broken. It never closed easily, leading to many escapes by our lovely Miss. Penny Sue.
Isn't she adorable? That's why we forgive her.

Last winter, the storm door glass was shattered in one of our many wind storms last. And that's when we realized how poorly the door insulated us from the VERY cold winter.

So, we called our contractor friend (who also replaced our windows) and placed an order for a new exterior door that would provide both light and privacy. The door leads directly into our master bedroom, so privacy was very important. We had to wait about 6 weeks for our contractor to install, but he's absolutely worth the wait!
You can see that we had vinyl siding installed and added a cute little iron bench. Directly to the left of the door is my beloved herb and rock garden. It appears that a gladiola sneaked into the herb garden as well.
We selected a green door (to match our front door), with a full grid of windows. We also chose to have the glass frosted, again, for privacy reasons. I know I could have found curtains for the door, but I didn't want to have to do this. We selected antique bronze door knob set and door bell also to match our front door. I love consistency in a house. I'm weird like that. It explains why both of our bathrooms have the exact same tile and wainscoting. I digress.

Now we have a pretty door that keeps us warm at night, is solid and not cracked!
I still cannot get over the difference a little door makes!

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