Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Playhouse Part 2: The Glitch

Like every single project I start, the playhouse project also ended up with a glitch making this simple project not so simple (hence my blog title).

Enter the problem: water damaged boards on the exterior. Fortunately, the interior was in perfect shape. No water damage of any kind was evident.The damage looks worse than it actually is. Thank goodness for my wonderful hubby! He stepped into save the day (well, evening since it was after dinner).
For some crazy reason, hubby is wearing safety glasses, but no shoes while operating a saw. I asked him not to do this, but he ignores me. Hubby doesn't enjoy DIY home projects. So, I try very hard not to make suggestions or nag too much when he agrees to do unnecessary household projects.

Hopefully, this will be the only glitch in the playhouse project.

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