Friday, July 17, 2009

The Family Who Gardens Together

Almost daily, the kids and I pick a small bucket of produce from our back yard. The kids love it.

To the right, you'll see my kids' wheel barrel full of our harvest from today. Gardening had been such a great learning experience for them. I believe it's one of the best life lessons and experiences we have given them so far.

Lessons the kids have learned from our family garden:
1. So, that's where our food comes from! Whenever I need a smoothie or salad ingredient, I send the kids into the back yard to grab a handful of food. They actually see how the food gets to our family dinner table.
2. Patience and hard work yields rewards! My son has his own strawberry garden. He is responsible for planting, weeding, watering and eating of his garden. He also helps with our larger family garden. And he does a great job! Unfortunately, he also learned that sometimes, our best efforts aren't always enough. His strawberry plants produced very few berried this year.
3. Families work well together. At least one evening a week, the kids and I weed the vegetable garden beds. By combining our efforts, not only is the task done quicker, but it's more fun!

I really hope that I have instilled the appreciation, if not love of growing things in each of my children.

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