Thursday, July 16, 2009


Also commonly called snowball bushes, hydrangeas are gorgeous flowering bushes that produce blue, pink, purple, white and/or green flowers. Furthermore, one can often change the color of the flower by changing the ph balance of the soil. These bushes grow quickly and can tolerate my less than sunny front yard. My only problem with them is that they are just plain ugly in the winter. By November, all that is left of the bush is dried twigs. I prefer to plant evergreen bushes in the garden so the garden looks good even in the winter. Hydrangeas are my one exception.


Hydrangeas make gorgeous bouquets. I love fresh cut flowers in the house. However, fresh flowers are expensive, so I often go without. Since we have such a nice hydrangea bush, I get fresh cut flowers for almost 6 weeks for the house. The best part? They're FREE!

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